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When searching for a pest control service provider, all of us wants an advanced pest control company that can answer all our queries and will be able to solve our pest control problems. Many will use Google to look for answers to these pressing problems. There are those who will also turn to big multi-national companies believing that bigger is better when that is not true in some cases.

Typically, there are those customers who have questions like:

  • Is pest control safe for humans?
    Queanbeyan Pest Control Services is safe for you, your family & the environment.

  • How often do we need pest control?
    Most people have their pest control done on an annual basis BUT sometimes there may be an instance where there is a pest that is particularly annoying or could be potentially annoying then call us out.
  • Common questions do you do…..?
    Pest control is a specialist area where you need to be fully licensed to be able to treat and control the following:

Pest control for ants

Ants can be a problem for many property owners and they often feel frustrated when over the counter products do not work and the ants return spoiling the food. 

Professional pest control is needed to first locate the nests which could be located in the roof, internal walls, garden, under pavers, or even coming in from the neighbours yard.

A pest control technician will use a different treatment inside where humans cook and prepare food to the treatment that they place outside.

Pest control for cockroaches

In Australia the most common are Australian Bush cockroaches which are black and bigger to the German cockroach which are smaller in size and light brown in colour. There are a few things that would help the pest controller is he will often ask “are you seeing the cockroaches during the day?” 

If the answer is YES then it means you have a cockroach infestation and we need to stop the breeding cycle immediately. Cockroaches can make humans very ill by vomiting and urinating in foodstuffs making them inedible.

When treating for cockroaches the areas that they love to breed are anywhere that there has a motor like a dishwasher, fridge or microwave. Restaurants are under scrutiny all the time from the Health Department who regularly do spot checks where food is served to the general public.

That is why regular pest control is needed so we can set up a plan of action to treat, control and keep a record of what treatment we used and what was our follow up plan for the restaurant to do before our next visit. By doing this the Health Inspector can see that the commercial owner is proactive.

TIP: Keep foodstuffs in containers and do not leave food out overnight. Become diligent with wiping or sweeping up food.

Pest control for termites

The CSIRO states in a recent study that 3 in every 5 homes has either termite damage or has active live termites. They recommend as a bare minimum that property owners have a termite inspection annually.

Better still there are preventative treatments that Queanbeyan Pest Control Services does like protecting your property with a chemical barrier. 

We only use BASF Termidor as it comes with a $2M 8 year warranty that protects your property against termite attack

Pest control for fleas

Not only is Queanbeyan prone to fleas but Landlords today, if you are renting, slip in a clause that states if you have a moggy or a dog and before the tenant vacates that it must have an end of lease flea pest control done before you vacate the property to ensure that the premises remain flea free and this is done before the property is leased out again. 

Doing this allows peace of mind for the Landlord knowing that there will not be future flea problems at the property.

TIP: Before the we do the pest control for fleas mow the grass to allow better penetration of the treatment.

Pest control near me for rats

Just the thought of rats is enough to send shivers down your spine. When you need pest control for rats you will need to act quickly to call our team on 0400 537 045 because of rats’ quick breeding cycle you will soon have a problem that is harder to control. 

Rats teeth continually grow and they gnaw on electrical wiring that can cause fires in your roof OR worse still you will need to call in an electrician to do re-wiring of the damage done which is expensive.

Pest control near me for bed bugs

Just call Queanbeyan Pest Control Services who will give you advice over the phone to first identify the bedbug and then email a checklist of things for you to do prior to our team going out to treat your property.

Queanbeyan Pest Control Services treat all of the above pests by using environmentally friendly products that are effective and long-lasting. What we do each visit is to ensure our customers have a positive experience, we do this by educating and giving tips to get more value out of the pest control service. ”Our motto is that we are here to serve and educate property owners.”

We offer pest control services for both domestic and commercial properties. With commercial properties, our treatments are around your schedule which sometimes it is on a weekend or starting early to accommodate you.

 Call Queanbeyan Pest Control Services NOW at 0407 065 413 and we will take care of your pests problems for you. 

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