Termite Treatment

An average termite colony can consume about one foot of a 2×4 wood in half a year and, if left untreated, can cause extensive damage to your property. Once these pests invade your homes, you undoubtedly need to hire a team of professionals with the experience of determining the best ways to eliminate these termites.

Queanbeyan Pest Control Services has termite treatment plans that are tailored to fit according to each client’s current pest situation. Our technicians will conduct a comprehensive inspection to effectively eliminate the termites in your property and provide lasting protection solutions against these pests. Let the Queanbeyan pest service expert help you. Call us on 0407 065 413

No matter how unique each client’s situation is, each of our clients will be given the same excellent termite treatment.

Why you should choose Experienced Termite Technicians?

Effective Termite Infestation Treatments

Our termite treatment plan does not end in eliminating the termites. The goal is to maintain a termite-free property and to do that termite inspections are required once every year. Our team of qualified technicians also provides recommendations that include different termite solutions most suitable for every clients’ situation.

Queanbeyan Pest Control Services uses quality products and methods like:

BASF Termidor who carry a $2M 8-year assurance protection against termite attack.

Pre-and Post Construction barriers where termite barriers are used for new or renovated homes using physical barriers like Kordon, Home Guard, Tri Thor, Alcore or Term-Guard, Convex Reticulations.

In-ground termite monitoring and baiting. With this plan, we will set different discreet termite bait stations. These stations will be strategically located around the perimeter of the property to detect termites.

Once the bait stations are installed they will regularly monitor it for any possible termite activity. Baiting stations for monitoring termite activity using  Exterra, Nemisis, Sentricon 1&2

Benefits of this plan:

We do not recommend baiting stations as it only monitors the termite situation and also there is an ongoing cost in checking the bait stations on a monthly basis which can become expensive.

The barrier is constructed of a trench 200mm out and 70mm wide and 100mm deep Termidor is sprayed progressively in then filled with liquid and soil until job complete. Where concrete or pavers are already laid we would drill every 200mm in and 200mm out from the footings with drill bits 400mm long.

Trenches have 5 litres per linear meter holes have 1 ½ litres per hole then they are plugged and silastic colour of cement or tile placed in as plug. Under house we do footings and around stumps.

In Queanbeyan Pest Control Services, we always find the best method to solve our clients termite infestations. Always remember that even if you don’t see termites in your property right now, it doesn’t mean you are safe. Call us on 0407 065 413 so we can ensure the safety of your family and property. 

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